Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Norbert Whitney

How old are you, and for how long have you been juggling?

19, 3.5 years

At what point did you know that juggling was what you wanted to do, and would make up a critical part of your life?

About 3 years ago

To date, what is the most unusual thing or set of things that you have juggled?

I try not to be a clown when I juggle. So probably a ball, a club and a ring.

What has your juggling career entailed so far?

Traveling the world, meeting super awesome people, seeing super awesome places, and having crazy amount of fun getting paid to do what I enjoy.

What accomplishments are you most proud of?

This question doesn't state juggling related, and although I didn't accomplish it as such, I am proud that I had seen 2 total solar eclipses by the age of 13. Who knows, I may see more.

How many of each type of props do you juggle?

A juggle, I have done 7 balls (64 catches), 8 rings (18 catches) and 5 clubs (26 catches). I have also flashed 9 rings and 8 balls numerous times.

Do you specialize in any auxiliary props or non-juggling circus arts?

I guess I do diabolo, although my practice has been cut down to conventions and performances, I don’t really practice in my own time.

Generally speaking, do you wear socks while you juggle?


At what types of venues do you usually perform?

Conventions, and Circuses seem to be my main thing right now. Festivals, events, etc as well.

Anything amusing or unique ever happen at one of these shows?

Neither amusing nor funny... to me, but apparently it is to every single person who asks me to do 1 more than I am doing, tells me their mum can do it better, or whistle the circus tune.

Are you a clown?

Yes, definitely........not

What makes up a standard juggling practice for you?

4-5 hours. 2-3 hours on rings, 1-1.5 hours on balls, whatever is left on clubs.

What is it that will make you want to pick up your props tomorrow and keep juggling?

It's only 10 days until WJF, and I well below par. On a normal day, maybe the feeling of wanting to always better myself.

What goals are you currently working towards?

Winning my division at WJF again, writing a nice new routine to premier at BJC next year, and make more of a name for myself.

Which prop is your favorite to juggle? Any specific reasoning?

Rings. There is so much possible with them that people don't realize, they are highly unexplored, few people do them well, and I love the way they look.

Are there any specific jugglers that inspire you?

Olga Galchenko and Martijn Halekor

Do you have any “claims to fame” in the juggling community?

No one is famous in the juggling community, that's why it's such a great community. Everyone is equal.

Where do you see yourself in terms of juggling in a month, a year, 10 years?

Where I am now, significantly better, 11 rings on stage would be nice.

Art or Sport?

Both, it all depends on where and how you do it.

Balls, Beanbags, or Russians?

Russian all the way.

If there is one thing you would like the juggling community to know about you, what would it be?

If there were anything, I probably would have told them already.

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